Grouped Order (GO) rules and regulation

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Grouped Order (GO) rules and regulation

Message  Pupuxe le Dim 25 Sep 2011 - 9:26

All grouped orders from must be non-profit of any kind to the organizer.

Organizer rules

Formal presentation of GO
GO place:
GO opening date:
GO closing date:
Minimum quantity to reach:
Maximum amount available:
S&H to the organizer:
S&H to your home:
Local or national GO:


Subject: King Kong Shrimp
Price: 30 € each
GO place: Website OR store (Jardiland, Maxizoo, animal ......
GO opening date: ** September 20 **
GO closing date: ** September 20 **
Minimum quantity to reach: 50 specimens
Maximum quantity available: 120 specimens
S&H to the organizer: 20 €
S&H to your home: colissimo € 12 / € 18 chronopost
Local or national GO: Local, Departement 77

BEWARE: All GO must be approved in advance by the Administrator, which will place an edit on the bottom of the post
Example: "edit: CG validée par Daniel77"

Participant Rules

Only participants who have agreed to these regulations in the form of a request to integrate the CG group (link below) have the right to integrate the CG forum. Group participation request imply regulations acceptance without discussion. You also abandon the right to dispute or claim for any problems that occurred before, during or after the GO or the payment of the GO!
- Participants agree to meet deadlines and making payment to the organizator so as not to delay the GO.
- If deadline are not met, participant will be excluded from the GO.
- No order cancellation after payment is allowed!
- Reputation points are available for members and organizers, as only way to express point of view on the GO (right side of the top two post + symbol to a positive - for a negative)

Forum Liability does not take any responsibility in the GO that is made by a normal member or by a staff member on the forum. Only the organizer will be in contact with participant and the order supplier.
David88/Daniel77 administrators can possibly take part in GO in a totally voluntary act, separated from their administrative tasks. If the relationship with a supplier were to deteriorate, to the point of breaking contact with the organizer, an administrator can resume the GO to try to find a favorable issue for members BUT THE ADMINISTRATORS TAKES NO RESPONSIBILITY IF THE PROFESSIONAL CONCLUDES ALL DIALOGUE WITH THE FORUM!

CIRCUMVENTING any of these regulation will be seen as forum disagreement and will be sanctioned by a permanent ban without warning, whether it is an organizator or a participant. reserves the right to modify these rules according to the growing needs of the forum. It is therefore strongly advised to re-read these rules before participating in a GO.

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