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Forum Rules in English

Message  Pupuxe le Dim 25 Sep 2011 - 8:59

Full presentation in the relavant section is mandatory.
Failure to do so will deactivate your account. For reactivation, please contact an adminsitrator (DAVID88/Daniel77)

Forum administrators/moderators will try to erase or edit all reprehensible messages as quick as they can. However, it is physically impossible to check out all messages. Hence, you do agree that messages are expressing the opinion solely of their authors and in no case of the webmaster, administrators or moderators (expect their own messages). Consequently, webmasters, administrators and moderators will not be taken for responsible of thread contents.

This forum is running with cookies. Although it will store on your computer some information required for a pleasant experience with the forum, these cookies won’t store any personal information. E-mail address is used solely for registration purpose (confirmation and password), and in case you forget your password.
- Aggressive or offensive messages, personal insults and critics, rudeness, coarseness and vulgarities and more generally any message contravening the French laws are prohibited.
- Messages which promote - or simply evoke - illegal practices are prohibited
- If you post information from another website: Check first if this website does not forbid it. Do include its full site address in respect of the work of its authors
- Post your messages as a whole, repetition and divisions are unpleasant and useless!
- Text message and abbreviation are prohibited. You have a full keyboard, use it.
- Try to make an effort on language and grammar so other people understand your messages.
- If you want to post in the French section, use simple words and style. You’ll maximize the chance of having an answer.

All messages that doesn’t fully fulfill above criteria will be edited or erased
Any message contravening the listing above will be edited or removed without additional notice or justification in a timeframe that is subjected to the moderators’ availability. Any abuse will result in registration termination. Internet is neither an anonymous space, nor a space of lawlessness! We retain the possibility of informing your access provider and / or judicial authorities of any malevolent behavior. The IP address of each participant is recorded to aid in enforcing these conditions.

By default, you agree to receive newsletters sent by Forumactif only. You can always unsubscribe from these newsletters by changing preferences in your profile.

By clicking ‘J'accepte’ below:
- You have read in full these forum rules and regulations;
- You commit to respect unreservedly these forum rules and regulations;
- You grant the moderators of this forum the right to delete, move or edit any topic at any time.

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